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Send as many documents, to as many people, in any sequence, order or grouping to get signed with Norwegian BankID


Sales on your own terms We make it happen faster

Consultants, freelancers and sales teams can continue working the same way, utilizing the power of new online collaboration tools like Google Suite or MS Office. Your team will not be locked to a specific sales platform, just upload a sales proposal for approval once you got feedback from your customers.

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Agreements, contracts and documents made easier.

Law firms and accounting houses create and sign multitude of different documents. With Quantik, it is simple, fast and cheap to get your customers to sign important documents. Some of the Quantik features, like email reminders or BankID verification are perfect for important, legally binding documents.


Streamlining selling and renting properties

Renting and selling property typically includes long work processes, sometimes with many different actors involved. Real estate agents and developers can create entire signing workflows with attached documentation, including unlocking new documents once an intermediary has signed its part of the chain of documents.

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Reviewing and signing your new job contract should be easy

Hiring, onboarding, re-negotiation and terminating labour contracts are always relevant touchpoints between the companies and employees. We help HR personnel to get documents signed, in a fast, reliable and secure way.