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    Helpdesk FAQ

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    I dont receive the Quantik emails

    Quantik has a dedicated IP address through our email service provider. It is unlikely that it has ended up blocked by Spamhaus or equivalent spam blocking services. We recommend you take a look at your different inboxes, included Spam folders and custom folders that you have defined with mail queries for filtering.

    One of my agreements "failed"

    If one of your agreements failed, it is normally due to a 3rd-party service for which we are not responsible (e.g. idfy). Our cloud computing will try to process the payment upon failing, but if we are not able to do so, we will refund your costs to your account balance. We are working on doing this automatically for our users, meanwhile, please let us know with the Helpdesk function.

    One of my agreements "expired", what can I do?

    If one of the agreements shows expired, it is because of one of the documents within the agreement expired. As a document sender, you can extend the deadline of your document in Quantik. As a document signer, you can ask for a deadline extension.

    One of signers rejected the agreement, what now?

    If one of the signers rejected the document, you will receive a notification on mail that he has rejected, including the reason why. If the reason is a short deadline, you can easily extend the deadline. If the reason is a disagreement, please reach out to them. If you manage to keep the same document and terms, you can unlock the document and send them again for signing. If there is a major disagreement, you will have to cancel and archive the document and start a new one. We are working on several features to negotiate and upload new versions of the document.

    My client signed the document, but it doesn't show as "Completed"

    Sometimes it may take a few more seconds to update the status. If after an hour it is still not signed, please contact us through Helpdesk

    I have a large .pdf file, how can I reduce it to 5Mb?

    The simplest is to re-save your file as a reduced-size PDF. There are some services online like pdf2go, that would compress your file for you. You can also try some of our templates.

    How do I cancel a document that I have already sent?

    We need to have records of signatures for legal reasons and audit trail once an agreement has started. Therefore, we archive documents, not cancel documents.

    Quantik email are going to spam folder

    Quantik has its own dedicated mail IP, and, in principle, your email should not be blocked. Please check your folders, and if it landed in spam, drag and drop or move the email to the main inbox. You could also set a query on your email to always move Quantik emails to Inbox. If the issue persist, please let us know.

    How do I unexpire my document?

    You can extend the deadline of a document in the details page of the agreement.

    How do I turn off my notification emails?

    For the moment we do not offer that possibility, but we are working on making more settings available to our users.

    Can I switch between an individual and a business account?

    Yes, at the moment, you can easily switch between personal and business accounts. We cannot guarantee that in the future there will be a separation.

    How do I download documents I have sent already?

    You can download the documents in the agreements details page.

    Do I get the signatures from the signers?

    If the document has been approved (or archive), you can also download the original document with additional pages including BankID proof of signing or eSignatures, depending on the signing method.

    Is there a number for customer support?

    No, we believe in digital interaction and handling of information we can query, store and manage, in order to provide you with the fastest resolution.