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Send as many documents, to as many people, in any sequence, order or grouping to get signed with Norwegian BankID

Easy to switch

Upload any document, agreement or contract in .pdf

Other agreement platforms lock you in and force your employees to onboard new software. You own the document, host it wherever you want and collaborate with it in Google Docs, Dropbox, MS Teams... when you are ready, convert it to .pdf and upload it to Quantik.

password-protected and files over 5Mb not supported yet

Multi-document, multi-party workflows

Quantik runs the most complex agreements for you

From 1 to dozens of documents, from 1 to unlimited signers, running any order, any grouping, any sequence, any logic.

PDF-ready agreement cloud

2-step verified senders

Multi-document support

Unlimited signers

Batching and sequencing

PDF previews

Signing pad

Many more coming soon...

Proof of signing

Upon signing, you can download the original document including signatures from all parties with date of signature.

We merge the original document with a proof of signing. We show the identity of the signer, signatures and when it has been signed. The document is only created upon completion of the agreement.



Zapier is a productivity tool that seamlessly connects over 2000 business apps such as Pipedrive, Salesforce, and QuickBooks.
Zapier will automatically notify someone when a document has been sent. Increase your productivity by using Zapier to automatically update your project management tool of choice when you close a deal, land a new contract, approve a budget, and more.
With Quantik and Zapier, you can now customize your own automated workflows without a single line of code.
Zapier Quantik Integration
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Quantik takes care of the entire agreements lifecycle
Users can upload documents and save agreements in draft
Save or Delete
Sent / Pending
User can preview costs per signing process & track pending agreements
Preview, Send & Track
Signers can reject any document with a reason while sender can upload new documents & reissue
Reject & Re-issue
3rd party failures are highlighted and our helpdesk will support you
Helpdesk & Free Re-issue
Documents are automatically locked on expiry date, but users can re-issue them
Extend deadline
When agreements are complete, users can trigger new actions
Archive or Trigger
Users can search and filter the archive, including accessing the full audit trail
Full Audit Trail
Fully-responsive mobile experience

Because contracts are signed 60% of the time on your phone

Mobile first

A browser-based, responsive experience that it is fast and streamlined

Reject agreement

Provide a reason and a tag to reject the document and we will let the sender know immediately

Email notifications

Email notifications that are html-based, responsive and easy to read on mobile

Same features as in desktop

Access the same features as in your desktop, from status tracking and management to audit trails


Keep control of your contracts, anytime, at the reach of your palm, always in sync

Account management

Access to all your account, language setup and balance on your mobile device

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