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Send as many documents, to as many people, in any sequence, order or grouping to get signed with Norwegian BankID

The most complex agreements in the world, made simple and automated

Quantik just
launched an agreement signing platform like no other

Electronic signatures - For free!

No demo, no 14-day free trial, start using it today for free

The most complex agreements in the world, made simple and automated

The Future
of Digital Signatures

Free to use - Pay per signing

No demo, no 14-day free trial, start using it today for free


Easy to Switch

Your teams can continue using their collaboration tools of choice, from Google Drive, Dropbox and MS Teams to Adobe XD. We only need the final PDF document for signing.

Multi-party Multi-document

From 1 to dozens to documents, from 1 to unlimited signers, running any order, any grouping, any sequence, any logic.


Quantik is optimized for a mobile experience, so you can sign agreements on the go, check the status and receive email and notifications. Signings without slack time, signings at record speed.

eID Signings: BankID in Norway

Secure signing with
digital identity

Our first product is only available in Norway   

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What can I
do with Quantik?

Explore dozens of use cases for lawyers, accountants, real estate, venture capital and HR, among many other innovative ways to utilize Quantik sequencing in the cloud


Is Quantik Free?

Quantik e-sign and the Quantik platform is completely free to use.

If you would like to use BankID to sign your documents, access to SMS and email notifications, in addition to email verification you can purchase Quantik Basic.

Are digital signatures legally binding?

Electronic signatures are legally binding in nearly every industrialized nation. In the US, the ESIGN act provides legal basis for it. In Norway, it is also legal based on The Act on Electronic Signatures. We utilize Signicat as a provider. Their electronic solution ensures that the signatures you receive are legally binding, and compliant with a number of regulations, including Timestamp Protocol (RFC 3161), eIDAS Regulation, Policy requirements for time-stamping authorities (ETSI TS 102 023), PDF/A and PAdES/XAdES

Do you offer Monthly subcriptions?

We now offer a monthly subscription for users who want more features than Quantik E-sign.

Quantik Basic is 199NOK/ per month and gives you the opportunity to use BankID when signing documents. In addition, you will get access to SMS and email notifications, and verification of email addresses.

Do you have any questions about the service? Explore our frequently asked questions section in Helpdesk